Fishing Seasons

Fishing Seasons for the Top End of Australia

You can fish all year round in the Top End and there are 4 vastly seasons offering distinctly different experiences.

  • The Wet Season – January to March,
  • The Runoff – March to April,
  • The Dry Season – May to September, and
  • The Build Up – October to December.
The Barra Run Off Fishing (March – April)

This is definitely the peak season and the most exciting time of the year if you are serious about your Barramundi fishing.

Fresh from monsoonal rains, the floodplains overflow, feeding into the floodplain channels where mouths await. Barramundi feeds up at this time of year, feasting on the baitfish that are in abundance.

The Runoff is definitely the adrenalin season, where serious fisho’s head out in pursuit of the elusive metre plus Barra that comes into spawn and feed at the mouths of coastal creeks and rivers.

If you are heading north at this time of year, check out the Million Dollar Fish competition that also commences around about this time. This is your chance to turn fishing into a million-dollar sport and you don’t even have to go pro.

The Dry Season Fishing (May-Sept)

The dry season in the Northern Territory presents big blue skies and perfect weather. This is the peak blue water fishing season when fishermen and women chase the pelagics along the coastal waters.

Attracted by schools of baitfish, you can expect to catch Longtail tuna, mackerel, and trevally. You can also try your luck for reef fish including golden snapper, black jewfish, coral trout and red emperor.

From May to September, there is still plenty of good barramundi fishing to be done, with a lot of water still flush in the waterways, including rivers and billabongs.

It’s also a great time for fly fishing, especially for those chasing the giant herring. This courageous fish is quick and spirited. Known to jump and thrash, it will quickly take off, taking metres of line with it!

The Build Up Fishing (Oct-Dec)

The Build Up is classed as the transitional period between the Dry and the Wet season. The average temperatures rise to a nightly minimum of 25 degrees and a daily maximum of 32-36 degrees with humidity often in the 90’s.

During this time, great things happen. In the Billabongs, the fish get ravenous, Big Barra hunt in search of food before they battle the rising waters and torrents of rain that awaits them once the wet sets in.