Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

Day Trips

Once booked these are non-refundable.

Extended Fishing Safaris

A 25% deposit is required to secure the booking which is non-refundable once booked.
If less than 8 weeks’ notice is given a 50% cancellation fee applies.
If less than 4 weeks cancellation notice is given then a 100% cancellation fee applies.

Cancellation Due to Medical Condition

Any cancellations due to a medical condition need to be fully supported with Doctors medical certificate.

Minimum Number Requirement

On Extended Fishing Safaris and on One Day Barra or Bluewater Fishing Trips a minimum number of two persons booked is required before the charter will commence. For singles that have booked, alternate dates will be advised, or full refund will be given.

Indemnity Policy

If you have a medical condition you are required to inform us at the time of booking. Whilst we maintain due care for our passenger safety, we do not take responsibility for medical conditions

Boating and Fishing Regulations

Fishing Safaris will be conducted within the Fishing Limits and Boating Regulations determined by the laws of the Northern Territory.

Alcohol Policy

Boat limit of Canned Alcohol is either limited to 6 cans per person per day or One Carton per 4 person boat group per day. Please discuss when booking.

Equipment and Tackle

All Fishing Equipment & Tackle is provided on the basis that if you lose it or break it, you replace it.